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KattyWampus is getting back in action, so hopefully we can get to finishing things up enough to get a pre-release demo out there of the first two sections of the game (where most of the work is). Until then, here’s this thing.


my experience with rpg maker vx ace


The RPG maker/horror legacy!

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True RPG maker fan Challenge: Name EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!



Notes for level design for the Bosch project. Going through some changes. 


So I am working on a project, the concept of which is to turn Hieronymus Bosch’s iconic painting, the so-called Garden of Earthly Delights,into a video game. This project is being developed by a large team of R.I.T. faculty and students for the Jheronimus Bosch 500 celebration commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of the artist.

I am working on the level design of the overall world at the moment. These are a few early concept designs for the terrain and environment of the 3rd Panel; the Hellscape. Some of the challenges I’m encountering are:

1. How to translate the flat landscape of the front of the panel into a landscape that is interesting to navigate and facilitates/reinforces the quests that are being prototyped. 

2. How to create an open world, where the player will be able to see great swaths of the content of the painting, but will not be able to go to it yet, because the content in terms of gameplay, narrative and 3D models/assets has not yet been developed.

3. How to craft a world that is aesthetically true to the painting, yet reflects the narrative that is being prototyped.

4. How to organically connect the two pieces of this panel for which gameplay is being prototyped, namely the game players in the front (Eve, the Rabbit, the man with the pierced hand) and the Horse Skull and the Key over on the frozen lake.  

So far I have included a forest that will be situated below the foreground of the panel, through which the player enters the game. This is to fit the narrative as it stands right now, and also because the name Bosch means ‘forest’ in Dutch and Catalan, which is a nice little tidbit. I suppose it must be related to Bosque in Spanish. It also serves to link the Right and Middle panels landscape-wise for later in development when the player travels to the Middle Panel. I have raised the Demon on the Toilet and the Instruments onto a higher part of the landscape, to be accessed by the player later because we do not yet have content for them. I also placed the Horse and Skull group in its own little area to stop the player from advancing to other groups on the ice for this first iteration. I think this works also because in later versions of the game this “Key” area could become a node to be unlocked and from which the player accesses multiple other groups/quests.

More generally I am using mountains as natural boundaries for the overall world, taking that cue from the mountains in the back of the panel. I would also like the world to gently slope downwards from the front of the panel where the player begins to the back of the panel where the dark mountains are, creating a literal descent into hell à la Dante’s Inferno. Lastly, if I continue to work on the world going forward, I would like to include pathways between the Right and Middle Panels. I think it would be interesting if the player could travel between the panels at multiple points as part of quests.

NEW! Ultimate rpg game list.


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guess i’ll have to upload my crack shit here then

guess i’ll have to upload my crack shit here then


Hi, hi! Sorry school’s been super busy but I’ll try to update today! Also, I remade a personal, you can find it here


decided to do the screenshot redraw !!


A piece of eerie text I got from a MOTHER 1 corruption.



*gets reincarnated as himself*



*gets reincarnated as himself*